Sorry Australia, But There's A Massive Heatwave Coming So Get Your Blow Up Pools Out

Prepare yourselves!

Sorry Australia, But There's A Massive Heatwave Coming So Get Your Blow Up Pools Out

If you thought last weekend was hot, well, you're in for a scorcher this weekend Australia!

The Bureau Of Meteorology has revealed that a massive heatwave is about to engulf half the country and it's not going to be pretty.

Last weekend, New South Wales recorded its first 40-degree day EVER and the Queenslanders (who are quite familiar with temperatures like this... in summer!) had some unusually warm spring days with temperatures getting up to 34 degrees.

Well, unfortunately, that won't be the last sweltering weekend this month folks.

It's about to get a lot worse.


This weekend, Bourke in NSW will reach 42 degrees tomorrow, making it the second weekend in a row that such temperatures would have hit the town.

Birdsville, a town located in rural QLD, seems to have drawn the short straw in this scenario as it's expected to reach a whopping 43 degrees for them.

This will then also become the hottest September day in Australian recorded history... so there's an upside of sorts.


Brisbane is looking to have temperatures hit 37 degrees on Thursday as well but if you're lucky enough to be living in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania or The Northern Territory, then nothing will be too out of the ordinary for you.

Even Sydney has it pretty easy with temperatures sitting in the late 20's for most of the weekend!

So if you're living anywhere in or near Birdsville and Burke, pull out those inflatable pools and mage eskies because it's going to be a hot one!