PSA: The Australian Dollar Just Got Even Better

Now is the time to travel

PSA: The Australian Dollar Just Got Even Better

As the Australian Dollar continues to surge, now is the time online shoppers and travellers have been waiting for.

Get that card ready.

The Australian dollar has once again gone way over 80 US cents yesterday, and is on its way to being the highest in two years.

According to the Australian dollar is currently sitting at 80.46 US cents, up from 79.85 US cents on Thursday.

Back in July, the highest was 80.66 US cents, which is the dollar's highest level since May 2015.

If the dollar continues to climb like predictions, we will see it soar past 80.66 US cents.

So if you’re like us and just save all the items you want in an online wish list, or just add everything to a bag and then close the tab - you won’t need to anymore! 

We expect some of our fave US retail like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic and Kiss and Makeup will be getting a lot of orders real soon! 

And of course, travel agents are gonna be busy for quite some time.

Book that holiday fam.