'Black Box' Device Lets Parents Monitor P-Plate Drivers

Data through an app

'Black Box' Device Lets Parents Monitor P-Plate Drivers

A new device is on the market to give parents some reassurance while their kids take to the roads on their P-plates.

GPS Gateway and Tom Tom have released a device which has been described as a 'black box' for the car, which reports back to parents on speeding, swerving and braking habits via an app.

"Young drivers are massively over-represented in road statistics," GPS Gateway's Jon Butler said, reports 9News.

"They make up around 10-15 percent of all drivers but around 32 percent of all fatalities, so anything we can do to get young drivers to slow down and obey the speed limits is a good thing."

The data is not reported to police, but the idea is that by giving parents information on how their P-plate drivers are faring, parents can step in early to curb any dangerous behaviours.

"It will train you to drive better," Finance Minister Victor Dominello said.

"Less accidents, better savings on the fuel and hopefully, cheaper premiums."