Bali-Bound Travellers Warned Over Deadly Disease Risk

Stay safe!

Bali-Bound Travellers Warned Over Deadly Disease Risk File Image

If you’re heading to Bali you might want to pack an extra bottle of mozzie repellent.

Indonesia’s health ministry says cases of deadly Japanese encephalitis have risen in the country - and visitors to the island destination are some of the most at risk.

The brain infection, which is transmitted by mosquito, can lead to coma or death. Common symptoms include fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, tremors, paralysis and convulsions.

While around 20-30 per cent of cases are fatal, of those who survive, one in three are left with long term brain impairments.

The ministry says it is keeping close watch on the disease in Bali, North Sulawesi and Manado regions. Bali is said to have the most cases. 

To avoid infection, they advise holidaymakers to cover up while outside, apply mosquito repellent to skin, sleep in rooms with fly screens or air conditioning and remove potential mosquito breeding sites from around them.

A vaccine against the bug is also available, which is recommended for travellers spending an extended time in the region, as well as children from nine-months-old to 15 who are considered to be the highest risk of infection.

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