Australia Has Voted “Yes” In The SSM Survey, So What’s Next?

What happens now?

Australia Has Voted “Yes” In The SSM Survey, So What’s Next?

At 10am on Wednesday, Australia received the official word that 61.6 per cent of the country voted yes for marriage equality in the SSM postal survey, so what happens now? 

The result was announced by the ABS this morning, November 15 in Canberra with 61.6 per cent of Australians voting “yes” to Same-Sex marriage. Nearly eight in 10 Australians had their say in the vote, with a final turn out of 79.9 per cent. Participation was higher in older groups than younger groups - but not notably so.

Since the nation voted "yes", same-sex marriage could now be taken to parliament later this week. 

"If the nation votes 'yes' then we will facilitate a private member's Bill to make same-sex marriage legal before the end of the year," Malcolm Turnbull said to reporters in Western Sydney in August.

The vote is non-binding, meaning the government doesn’t have to act on the results.

"If there's a yes vote on Wednesday there will be a private members bill which will be facilitated by the government coming forward for a vote on the floor of the parliament," Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne explained to Sky News on Sunday.

Only the upper house is sitting this week, while both houses will return on November 27 for two weeks.

Turnbull is positive it’ll be a good result for Yes supporters.

"I'm confident, very confident that the Bill, same-sex marriage will be legalised and you will then see the focus of the Parliament being on the detail and it will all turnaround over questions of religious freedom."