The Top 5 Unknown Road Rules You Need To Brush Up On NOW!

List below!

The Top 5 Unknown Road Rules You Need To Brush Up On NOW!

The 5 most unknown road rules you need to brush up on NOW!

Think you know all the road rules and what will cost $$ and demerit points if you get stung? Think again.  Check out this list before you head off for your next family holiday adventure and ensure you know what you can and can’t get away with on the roads.


  • Scenario:  It’s a nice warm day and your window is down, arm resting on your window ledge the breeze is nice and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the side mirror - looking pretty cool! Not if a cop sees that. Fine alert!  Resting your arm on the window ledge and any part is outside the car, you’re breaking the law. Same goes for popping a hand out the window and making ‘waves’ with your hand riding the wind. Fun and feels good but it’s a no go. Both fall under rule ‘limbs protrude’.

           Each offense is up to the discretion of individual police if it’s a yay or nay to getting stung.  I personally haven’t been fined for the above but as the common stories go, it was a ‘friend of a friend’ who recently was fined.  Beware!


  • How this one came to be put in ink makes me wonder how many times it had to happen to it make it illegal?

           It’s illegal to open a door on a passing cyclist.  You either are a cyclist or you  dislike them but either way check before opening your door when pulled up on the side of the road or you’ll be up for dollars, a cranky bike rider and                            possibly injury.



  • Think twice before you do the quick dash into the servo to get a bottle of water n pay for the fuel as its illegal to leave your car unlocked, leave the key in the ignition or leave the windows open if you’re more than three metres away from your vehicle. 

  • A quick toot of the car horn has so many versions. The ‘hello’ toot, ‘goodbye’ toot, the ‘our footy team just won the grand final’ toot leaving the local oval. The ‘goodbye’ toots is the most popular with a sing song style of toot


  That’s illegal falling under ‘illegal use of a warning device’. The highway patrol           inspector we spoke to wants you to still visit and farewell  friends/family and   nice salutations, but be aware of what the horn is there for a warning device.  Keep that in mind.


  • We are a nation of animal lovers and it’s more popular than ever to take your four legged friend in the car for camping/road/work trips. Cannot let pat the cat, Doug the Dog or Pete the Pig sit on your lap during the drive. It’s a big no no to drive with an animal on your lap. Up to almost $400 and 3 demerits in some OZ states.