Melbourne Horror Carpark Accident


Melbourne Horror Carpark Accident Supplied

A Melbourne woman was left fearing for her life after a car stacker fell more than a metre while she was parking her car.

Sandra and Justin Shmith of South Yarra recently had a three- vehicle sacked installed in their carpark to allow more cars to be parked in the space

Mrs Shmith was the first person to use the $45,000 machine, the Age Reports.

"I was in a stationary position and I was only in there for a matter of seconds and then the whole thing just gave way and dropped ... like if a lift had dropped to the bottom," she said.

"The car was hanging because it fell down in the front, and particularly on my driver's side, but was raised at the rear.

"I didn't want to move because the car was shaking, it wasn't secure, and I thought the rest of it might fall down.

"The only way out was to squeeze through the front window, which was jammed against the second platform.”

She called the fire brigade who helped her escape – but the car was a write-off.

Regulator Worksafe Victoria and Wohr Parking Systems Australia's insurers are investigating.