Melbourne Girl Mistakes Deadly Tiger Snake For Toy

"I didnt know we had a toy snake"

Melbourne Girl Mistakes Deadly Tiger Snake For Toy Wild Melbourne

A Melbourne girl has had the fright of her life after mistaking a tiger snake for a toy.

Eight-year-old Ruby was playing in her Preston backyard when she found the snake, her dad Dave told the Herald Sun.

 “She said to me ‘I didn’t realise we had a toy snake’ then she saw its tongue come out and she screamed,” he said.

“I went over thinking it would maybe be a lizard and I looked in and just thought ‘sh-t’.”

Mark Pelley, snake catcher, said it was important to stay away from snakes.

“If you see a snake, step away from it. Take a good few steps away, keep a safe distance and then call your local snake catcher.

“Move away quickly enough without darting away.”  

He said with warmer weather

“Snakes are everywhere, most of the time we don’t see them. But do expect them to be around, especially if you’re doing some gardening or you’re out in your backyard, take a look before you do anything. There could be a snake.”

Listen to Mark explain more here: 

The most common snakes in Melbourne eastern tiger snake, which is the fifth most dangerous in the world and the eastern brown snake, the second most venomous snake in the world.

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