Massive Drug Bust in Toowoomba

Operation Grullo

Massive Drug Bust in Toowoomba


A massive drug bust in Toowoomba has resulted in 60 people being charged on drug related offences.

Thirty-five police raids were carried out last week as part of Operation Grullo resulting in the discovery of 32.6 grams of ‘ice’ at one property, while 750ml of liquid drug GHB has also been found in the raids.

"As a result of that operation, about 60 people have been charged with 178 charges which relate to the use and the supply of ice in our community," Acting  Insp McCusker said. 

A 27-year-old man faces serious drug charges for the possession of the ‘ice’ and two women aged 22 and 30 have been charged with relation the the GHB.