BEWARE Toowoomba: There’s a Car Scam Doing the Rounds

don't be the next victim

BEWARE Toowoomba: There’s a Car Scam Doing the Rounds

Toowoomba residents are being warned of a current car SCAM taking innocent locals by surprise being scammed after advertising their vehicles on online sale sites.

The latest incident involved someone depositing a cheque into the victim’s/sellers bank account via an ATM.  The cheque was cancelled overnight before the funds had transferred into the sellers account.  The scam purchaser had already taken possession of the vehicle as the cheque had already been deposited into the seller’s account.

On other occasions, the offender(s) have provided identification, and completed the transfer of ownership forms.

Police are warning residents to please ensure that if conducting a personal sale of a motor vehicle, or any property, that you confirm the money has been transferred/deposited into your bank account prior to changing ownership and allowing the property to be taken away.

If you need to report a scam please visit the scamwatch website

CRIMESTOPPERS: 1800.333.000


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