Paramedics Treat Man To Macca's Sundae Before Taking Him To Palliative Care

Heartwarming story

Paramedics Treat Man To Macca's Sundae Before Taking Him To Palliative Care Queensland Ambulance Service

Queensland paramedics have been praised for their caring efforts after treating a man to McDonald's while on his way to palliative care.

The heartwarming gesture occurred as Ron from the Gold Coast was trasnported to palliative care yesterday.

During the trip, the paramedics found out that Ron hadn't eaten in two days, and asked him if there was anything he'd like to eat.

Ron said he'd really like a McDonald's caramel sundae, so the paramedics made a pit stop on the way.

If you could eat anything, what would it be? We have been left humbled and tinged with sadness after receiving a message of gratitude that underlines an often-unseen aspect of patient care; the caring. Last week, Gold Coast resident Sharon called an ambulance for her husband Ron’s final journey to hospital and palliative care. Paramedics Kate and Hanna responded and during their initial observations of Ron, Sharon mentioned that he had barely eaten anything over two days. The officers asked Ron, if you could eat anything… what would it be? To which Ron replied, a caramel sundae. Sharon’s recent message emphasised the enjoyment Ron received from such a simple action and thanked paramedics for the swift and high level of care and compassion shown to him on both this occasion, and their previous interactions over the last few months as well.

- Queensland Ambulance Service


“Unfortunately people see and hear the doom and gloom side of things and that unfortunately is part of our job, but this is a really important part of the job that we think we are very good at. And it is why people join the job, for that level of compassion and care they show, above and beyond all the clinical stuff we do,” QAS Gold Coast Assistant Commissioner John Hammond said, reports the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“People call an ambulance when they are at a low point and are quite vulnerable and this sort of stuff highlights that it’s the simple things and the level of compassion that make a really big difference to people.

“They (Gold Coast paramedics) are very professional and it’s good that they get the opportunity to do this sort of thing, because it eases the load off of them and they can feel a real positive from making a difference to not just the patient, but their family.

“Something so simple and easy to do does make a world of difference.”

The compassion of the ambos isn't anything new, with this heartwarming story going viral last year.

This story told to us by Helen Donaldson the Officer in charge of Hervey Bay is too good not to share. A crew were transporting a patient to the palliative care unit of the local Hospital and the patient expressed that she just wished she could be at the beach again.Above and beyond,the crew took a small diversion to the awesome beach at Hervey Bay to give the patient this opportunity – tears were shed and the patient felt very happy. Sometimes it is not the drugs/training/skills – sometimes all you need is empathy to make a difference! Great work Hervey Bay team Danielle & Graeme the Service is very proud of you.

- Queensland Ambulance Service